How To Survive A Kitchen Renovation

Kitchen renovations can be stressful, time consuming, and heavy on your wallet. Some families decide to move out when renovation starts, others choose to get involved throughout the process. Nevertheless, we have gathered a selection of useful tips to help you survive your Kitchen Renovation.

1. Save space for a makeshift kitchen
Save on eating out by setting up a makeshift kitchen with all your essential appliances in an adjacent room and invest in some portable cooking equipment that can be used inside. Camping supplies are available as a temporary fix as well.

2. Buy disposable tableware
Save the dish washing for later and make life easier by stocking up on recyclable or biodegradable plates, napkins, cups and utensils.

3. The Dust will never go away
Dust is a given in any home renovation, so make sure to protect your essential belongings, also cover your temporary food-prep areas with drop cloths or plastic sheets when you’re not using them.

4. Designate a play area for kids
Make sure to have a clean and tidy play space for your kids to call their own. Especially since family meal times may be put on hold while dining in.

5. Keep your neighbors posted
Let them know the approximate duration of your renovation process and the full extent of the work being done, since noise and dust travel more than you think.

6. For the Pet owners
If you’re doing a lot of structural changes, you may have to find a temporary place for your pet; If not then make sure you groom them more often and give them special treats to offset the stress.

7. Keep a stash of nonperishable snacks
Make quick meals using Peanut butter, crackers, dried fruit, canned goods, trail mix and more.

8. Remember the big picture
Most importantly, keep in mind that this short period of inconvenience will lead to years of kitchen bliss. Keep the process in perspective and treat it as an adventure.

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