Dos and don'ts of cooking in your kitchen

Cooking is an art, and is a never ending learning experience even for the best of us. We have gathered the most important cooking tips and habits to avoid.

1- Fixing an overdose in ingredients
If it's too spicy, sugar or butter should help the situation. Too sweet? Add lemon juice. Dish tasting off? Add a touch of salt.

2- Make your pasta dish better
Pasta water requires a lot of salt, since most of it isn’t absorbed. Do so to avoid a pasta that tastes flat. Also boil pasta until it's about 90 percent cooked and remove it from the pot while reserving a cup of the water it was cooked in. Then add your pasta to a separate pan with your sauce and pour in a little of the reserved water to make it more flavorful.

3- Plan ahead of time
Chopping ingredients and measuring spices ahead of time will result in a less-stressful cooking experience and better results. Always make sure to turn on the oven, heat the water before starting to maximize your efficiency, and avoid poor timing when cooking multiple dishes.

4- Water will NOT put out an oil fire.
Smother the fire instead, which you can do with baking soda or salt. If you don't have either of those items on hand, simply turn off the heat and put the lid back on.

5- Always cook with a sharpened knife.
Use your steel sharpener from time to time before each use and sharpen them a few times a year.
P.S. Also never try to pick up a falling knife.

6- Tasting your food
Always make sure to taste the food as you cook, so you can add any extra ingredients to reach that balanced taste you want.

7- Storing your dairy wrong
Don't place items like milk, yogurt, and butter on the fridge door, they spoil fastest since that's the area that is warmest.

8- Abusing your nonstick cookware
The spray actually cooks onto the surface and becomes almost impossible to clean off. So keep the cooking spray away from your nonstick cookware.

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